Tuesday, April 01, 2008

It Must Have Been Guv, But It's Change-over Now

Getting down and dirty with Labour's logo

To readers, the disgruntled Joe Bloggs and those who clicked here by accident, I have a confession to make: I'm not Tory.

For five years I have lived a lie, egged on by pushy pro-Tory parents into the Conservative cause. To please my mother, I put on a facade, appearing to believe in the principles of the past, to believe that past and present ducs of the party really were concerned of the poor.

So today I mark the end of my compassion for conservatism and proclaim from in the closet, my love for Labour, the party that labours for poverty and inequality. Sorry I meant against.

Readers, countrymen and women, raise your classes to dreamboat Brown and his wonderful cronies, Jacqui Smith who does a fine job in a bullet-proof vest in her constituency, Alastair Darling, the hairy hearthrob and Ed Balls, the man who certainly doesn't lack in his surname namesake!

Cheers Labour! Papal rules - time to switch political rosettes.

Bye bye Terrible Tory Girl and welcome Labour Luvver

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Sanz said...

Happy April fool's day!