Saturday, March 22, 2008

Spews On The News - Holy Week Special

The most revered Terrible Tory Girl apologises for her long unforeseen departure from her blogger page - a Mr D.Issertation is to blame and TTG has a feeling that Mr D will cast its horrific Churchillian shadow for weeks to come.

Back at her desk, it's time to organ grind, rant and preach to mark Holy week.

PPPick Up a Passion For BBC Drama
TTG is pleasantly surprised and biblically hooked to new short dramatisation of the Holy Week, The Passion. Not only is it fair, unbiased and strangely accurate (this is the BBC!) but it's entertaining on top. With actor Joseph Mawle playing a true to life Iesu Christe, and supported by TV faves James Nesbitt, David Oyelowo from Spooks and Ben Daniels, the programme can be easily picked up by fellow Bible bashers, teens or socialists. Good, clean religious fun!
Don't miss the last episode on Easter Sunday at 9.30pm, BBC 1!
Click here for more info about the programme.

He's Got The Whole Voting World In His Palms

Palm Sunday - March 16, 2008

2000 odd years after Jesus was welcomed by crowds of palm-clad admirers, David Come-soon's preaches are making their holy mark on voters, with his Disciples and He, gathering more voters for the Compassionate cause. Epolitix reported on Palm Sunday that David is preparing his second coming to the political world and with the news that he is 16 points ahead of the Prole Pharisees lurking in the Labour camp, it is sure to be blessed with success.

A new covenant might be on the cards, eh readers? TTG of course wishes David every chance in toppling the current temple but she draws the line at the biblical eating of his body and blood.

Maundy Thursday, March 20, 2008

Chariot of Quire: "When Rowan washed my sins away..."

While our Sovereign made headlines by heading to non-EIREland for Maundy Thursday, to hand over 82p of her dosh to 82 men and women, TTG can reveal that Archi-non-bald Rowan Will-imams might be giving up the day job of part time Imam.

Much to the pleasure of newly enlightened TTG as she seated to have her feet cleansed by Rowan, it would seem the Welsh ducal Chrit is quite engrossing himself into Christian work - first washing the feet of 12 of the unwashed (including TTG) and secondly with a second public appearance on Easter Sunday.

TTG prays this marks the return to the Bible for the Theologian for good.

God, can you hear me? ...

Good Friday, March 21, 2008

Hot Cross Gun: Gurkhas in pickle

Like the religious currant buns, the Gurkhan men who have fought for England for nearly 200 years, are more than just cross. Angry that yet again their pleas to receive equal pay, pension and privilege as UK citizens have been thwarted by the surly Scot, McBroon, the Nepals have given back their war time medals.

The law states that any Gurkhan man who served before 1997 has to apply for stay in the country yet those who served later can stay without so much of a hint of immigration paperwork.

Captain Clegg of the Dribberals held a medal up high before signing a motion against the discrimination of the Gurkhas who are denied refuge in the country they once fought valiantly to protect.

The bizarre law which prevents the automatic stay of these men was demonstrated in the question by the Shadow of the Opposition leader, Clogg: "Can you explain to the Gurkhas why on earth you believe that Gurkhas who served in the Army after 1997 are worthy of British citizenship but those who served before that date should be deported?"

Ladbroking the Bread

As Jesus watched from up high, exalted on the cross, while the Roman guardsmen cast lots on his clothes, it seems the good ole betsmen of modern times have carried on this tradition by opening the betting shops on Good Friday.
It would seem the secular scum are revelling in this overturn of the long law of keeping bets to themselves with the Times quoting one man “It’s a modern world, this is sport, not religion."
Quite, Mr Secular Scowler but in the immortal words of Guns and Roses, Every Throw Has Its Thorn? Remember as you roll, that Jesus gave up his life and was sacrificed. And for what, so you can pray for a big win while sinning to the hilt? Perhaps a refresher course of hell, damnation might re-adjust these views. You'll be begging for God's salvation then!

Easter Eve, March 22, 2008

Super Troopers: France's pledge to send men to Afghan fight

Hark! Dozy Sarkozy will proclaim the arrival of 1,000 Francs. to war-stricken Afghanistan to help out political bud Brown. If you thought his friendship with Bliar was bad enough, this latest seance with McFrown will make you do just that, frown in rage.

Mirror sees red but Cameron unfortunately doesn't
After dirty journo tactics acquired only in the gutter of Fleet Street, the Mirror released tapes of the Tory duc "breaking" the Highway code by running a red light and turning up a one-way street. The pedantic clips which pointed rules broken by everyday bi-wheelers each day, were passed on the police who now will lecture the leader.

A cheek considering that the Labour luvvy paper supports money launderers incumbent in public office who definitely deserve a ticking off or two from the police.

*Bye for now, but don't forget to view in in the next few days for more rants, complaints exclusively from your favourite terrible Tory girl.
While TTG heads to the Cathedral for psalms, hymns and more, click on the following links for Easter fun in prep for the big day tomorrow.


John M Ward said...

I have only just come here today (well, I now have more time on my hands!), and I have to admit that something of an aversion to the BBC these days meant I missed "The Passion". Good cast, especially James "Yellow Pages" Nesbitt and Penelope "Harriet Jones, Flydale North" Wilton.

One thing we sometimes forget, I suspect (though I try not to) is that we have a wealth of acting talent, and great production capabilities in this country. We don't need the "Hollywood Machine" to make excellent drama and other programming.

Although the Beeb's leftish tendencies have grown worse in recent years, they have still produced a lot of very good material, I have to concede.

I suppose I shall have to start watching again...

Terrible Tory Girl said...

Thanks for your comment John, I too might stop giving up on the BBC.
Out of interest, were the BBC the men/women/aliens behind the "uncovering" of your blog post?
I look forward to reading your new blog!

John M Ward said...

Many thanks "TTG". The Beeb were among the numerous media contacts I have had during these past several days. They even "stalked" my house and showed it on TV!

Various parts of the BBC have contacted me, including Tyne-Tees and Ulster. Wow, I'm famous and in demand!

The new 'blog is up, and linked from the old. I shall start posting in earnest any day now...