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Spews on the News April 2- 4

Guess who's back, back again, TTG's back, tell a friend

Welcome to this week's edition of the incredibly popular* Spews on the news.

With the past few days spent catching up on Allo Allo, dreaming and heading brave and brazen to this year's first Rocky Horror Picture Show singalong feature at Prince Charles, TTG has been all but preoccupied to sit and rant.

Back to her typical Tory tricks, TTG is again a fully fledged supporter of all things Conservative after a truly terrible 12 hour stint as a Labour luvvy for April's Fools. TTG wonders how the real rose clad clan cope for 365 days a year - perhaps hypnotism or subliminal messages in their broadcasts?

TTG would also like to take the time to apologise sincerely for falsely attributing Gordon Brown as a dreamboat in her last post. We, all of course, know such endearments referred to that particular Scowling Scot from the Westminster Loch network, are definitely defamatory - let's just stick to the basic insults as they at least have some truth to them.

Comme d'habitude on this terrible blog, here is the news, mostly read with provocation against the Non-Labour party. Amusez-vous, vous wont'cha?

Don't Mention The Queen

Vincie Cable, TTG's once preferred choice for the Liberal leadership, has been slammed by the Jurassics in the Labour Party for daring to mention the Queen's name. Michael Martin, the state's cash seeker, refused to allow Cable to ask the question that is currently doing the rounds in public life -

"It was reported this week that Her Majesty the Queen had cancelled her diamond wedding celebrations because it was judged to be inappropriate to engage in extravagance at a time of economic gloom and recession.
Do you share my view that this demonstrates Her Majesty's unerring instincts for the public mood, or does the Government think she was overreacting?"

Perhaps the wording was a little off, as of course one must never bring one into parliamentary debates but Cable raises a very valid point - if the Queen is rationing her lux life because she feels Britain's at an economic bust, then surely there is indeed a real economic crisis on the cards, n'est-ce pas?

But of course Labour, its languish luvvies and its 'ites have for years proclaimed the Messianic message of the enviable English economy while hushing-up the patrie's poverty by bringing in immigrant forces to vote in their favour. And adding to that, a national force feed of the policy of political correctness, the principle of censure through fear of insult.

Today, they exerted the hand of hush by refusing to answer the question on the basis of mentioning the word, Queen. In this logic, would Mr Speaker refuse these questions?

1) "What does the Government plan to do to ameliorate the impoverish and discriminate conditions of transvestites such as queen Bob Monkton in my constituency?

2) The Government cites that their economy record has grown steadily and not yet dipped after ten years of Labour in the driving seat. And am I the Queen of Sheba?

Sillyness aside, surely the fact that the Queen has publicly moved herself and her influence into the political sphere, then isn't it a sign that the Sovereign has modelled into a political rather than public figure? Thus, it should be legit to discuss her political actions if she chooses to stand in the political limelight.

Vincie, TTG sees your point.

The Pest Of Friends: Boris Wins BNP Vote

A bombshell this week for blonde bomb MP, Boris Johnson & Johnson. As he launched his Mayor Campaign officially, much to his dismay, the Bigot Nationalist Party have pledged their far-right hand in support of him, urging their own (hopefully very few) voters to cross their names next to him for their second vote.

Andrew Grice on his bloggy on the Independent website quoted the BNP crew-cut clan saying "In this race, the Tory clown Johnson is a lesser evil than the Marxist crank Livingstone," the BNP says, "so replacing the latter with the former would, on balance, be an improvement for the majority of Londoners."

D'oh just what every Tory does not need. Grice, however, in his write-up of the story, made an inlaudable claim that the Green Party "is much more respectable".
While TTG despises the bigots on the right, praising the Green Party is a stroke too far - considering that half of their vote demographic includes new-age-carrot-crunching-rhubarb-munching-green-peace-organic-eco-freak-hippies.
The Green Giants (certainly not in vote counts) are made worse still by their support of the anti-Semite- hypocrite-Livingmoan.

Serial Booker To Ferial Hooker

This was the Oxford smartie who went to university at 13, and gave up the books and brains for looks and monetary gains. It seems that intelligence just doesn't pay and it doesn't take a prodigy to work out that £130 an hour, laying on back, is far better than hitting dust-cladden books for a significantly inferior sum. For Sufiah Yusof, money can buy her love ;)

The Peckham Order: Harriet-No-Harm-Man In Vest Row

TTG, like most, would not like to hear about the goings on on Peckham's own Iscariot Harriet's chest. But the fact that a city's MP chooses to gear up in stab proof attire to visit her own constituency is a complete and utter joke.
Apparently she donned the tight fitting anti-stab top because the police told her to. She later compared the vest to wearing a builder's hat on a building sight or an Indian wearing a turban when er visiting some Indian event, apparently. Logical, she ain't.

One response from a Peckham resident made the point more strongly, suggesting that if she doesn't feel safe, why not represent a place like Chelsea?

Here's the quick reference guide to what happened when Harry Met Haguey, taken from the good people at London Lite

1)"Hague joked that if Harman dresses appropriately when she goes a a building site or a factory, "presumably when she goes to a cabinet meeting she goes dressed as a clown." 2) Harman said that if she needed advice on what to wear, "the very last person I'll look to for advice is the man in a baseball cap".

3)Hague added "If she thinks her constituents will kill her, she should look behind her."

Goodbye for now, TTG is off to count kittens and dream about Tim Curry in drag. Mmm

*Readership tallied on TTG's one hand

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