Saturday, March 08, 2008

Who (Under) Dunnit?

BBC Exclusive: Gordy Bear-on in Mrs T poison scandal*

Maggie Thatcher, the public's hearts snatcher, is recovering after a dodgy dinner at a Lords do sent her to Hell's ward run by some of the nation's worst cases of narcissitic scrubber nurses.
Mrs T however proved she had an iron will as she fought to stop the evil hand of communism spreading through her veins, destroying sanity and worth in its deadly path.
Police believe that the prime suspect, who remains anonymous, (it's Brown!) was caught red/blue handed putting destructive Russian inspired and untraceable poison into her soup.
The BBC reported that the Octarian odd axed PM felt 'giddy and queasy' as she tucked in.
She detoured to St Thomas' Hospital after her "legs buckled" where she spent the night taking tests.
Results have so far revealed "nothing of substance."
Mr Brown was quick to send his love to his one-time friend, with whom he hooked up last year.

In other news, Harriet Harman has had to eat her alphabet soup words after claiming Mrs T, from the C Team did nothing for women. Er...nor have you Miss Har-'dly a wom'-an. Haven't seen you burning any bras lately, have you?

*If you have been affected by the following story, please email Terrible Tory Girl in complaint. Here's the BBC story in full.

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Not that Nick Wood said...

Ah, TTG. I spot the flaw in your arguement. GB can't be the perp as attempting murder requires courage of a sort - a quality singularly lacking in the dear leader.