Thursday, March 06, 2008

Time To Say Goodbye...To A Referendum

Epolitix wrote today: " MPs have rejected calls for a referendum on the European Reform Treaty.
A Conservative move to force a national poll was rejected by 311 votes to 248, a majority in support of Gordon Brown's government of 63.
And a second vote on an amendment put forward by Labour eurosceptic Ian Davidson was also thrown out, by 311 votes to 247."

Not only will the Englots, Scotch Eggs or Leekians* be refused a vote on having their work, health and laws peeled away and handed over to the plates of Brussells by parliamentary reps voted in by us, but these Euro luvvies even have the cheek to say it's matters of the diktat, i.e, it's none of our business.

Ken Clarke said: "I actually believe in parliamentary democracy and I think this ought to be determined by Parliament."

(*Aye-land gets to vote)

But readers, let us forgive their trespasses into Europe and may God forgive our trespasses as we trespass against these parliamentary pigs.

For we have a power that time under Labour forgot : the franchise.

While they, as David Cameron rightly pointed out, broke their promise of a referendum, we can easily break them by putting a vote for the local drippy UKIP candidate or the militant student calling for shorter skirt hems. Hit them where it really hurts - their pay packet. Hmm, smells like skean spirit.


See how quickly those hommes et femmes politiques want to listen then!

Politicians: Working for you, everytime.

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