Monday, January 21, 2008

Spews On The News January 21-22

TTG comes to readers practising what she is preaching - spewing and subsequent nausea, was not however, what she had in mind.

Northern Cock-Up

As Brown dithers around in communist communal ground, presumably for tips on how to rule Britain on the same guidelines, the public back here wait to discover the fate of Northern Rock. No need to follow the news readers, TTG told you all - click here for an insight in TTG's crystal ball.

(May TTG point out that Cammy got to Chinatown before you Brown - TTG understands it is difficult for Slave Labourites to use the power of own thought, but perhaps you should resolute this year to crack up your cranium and do some real work rather than steal others' ideas, whether it be the Mandarin kind or Conservative. )

On Yer Bike

Kelly Goat Gruff laments on television this morning that her husband hasn't bought her a bike after wise reporter catches the Labour Light gal without her two-wheeled friend. This, when this Minister of Transport announces £14 million odd to encourage us to get on our bikes.
Apparently it's all about choice - as says Gruff. TTG would like to make a democratic choice and er have a spin in her ministerial car.

The Devil Wears Poppy

TTG doesn't know the ins and outs of the thoughts of the populace but Bye-Bye Blair's portrait is a work of an art for those satanists out there. TTG had to double take after seeing his Tartarian grimace - is that the first recorded photo of Lucifer?

See the picture horribilis here.

Jeremy Breaks Pax On M&S

As the hardhead Newsnighter attacks M&S on its selection of smalls, TTG would like to break her own silence of Rose's cloth line spectacular.

Why TTG cannot speak for the, er ,support factor of the nether regions by M&S Y-fronts, on the sheer quality TTG can sure hell orate!

While still a teen bopper, M&S managed to entice the Ms Terrible Tory into investing in a pair of frankly beautiful aviator booties, fit for all types of obscure English weather, with sturdy rubber heels and understatedly easy on the feet...all this for £29.95.

Now That's What I Call Music to my ears and pocket.

(TTG would like to point out that she was not endorsed by the store to give such salutations - M&s is just truly mighty like that)

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