Thursday, January 17, 2008

Spews On The News - January 17

Terrible Tory Girl returns after three days in the blogger wilderness after noone would listen to her pleas, wails and cries that she would rather sit, nerd-like, eyes stuck like glue to the screen than ever entertain revising for law. Unfortunately her degree forced her to. Here's some sharp, short and sweet rants on the news


Another nonnewsicle story - frankly not even to perk the interest of the sad yuppie cronies, like TTG - about facebook. Yes, the brothers behind the addictive facebook version of the childhood fave game Scrabble, breached copyright, but can't the country, for just once, let us have something for which we are not forced to fork through the nose to pay.
Well done Hasbro and Mattel. Your pathetic little diva tantrum has prevented a potentially possible chance that the chavettes of society may have taken up the brain cell-increasing puzzle, for fun.
As for the journalists, stop doing lazy journalism - facebook is not a public institution and a get out clause of the dreaded vox-pop - do your fair share like everyone else!

Sparks and Spencers

May TTG plead the case for Marks and Spencers, a store close to her heart. The story printed in the Express about some colleague nutter who refused to sell God's book as it was 'unclean' is not the fault of the qualitissential grocery, clothes store. Instead of attacking companies who can't be held accountable for the actions and motives of each and every one of their till girls, blame that person.
That was a blasphemy case if ever I saw one...shame that Archy of Druidbury is the keenest of them all to scrap this.

The News at Then

Dong. TTG doesn't care. Dong. TTG goes to great lengths to prove she doesn't care. Dong TTG gets fed up of hearing about the media fuss and hysteria over ITN's thwarted bring-back plans. Dong TTG swears she will smash that dong to kingdom come if it doesn't keep tolling smugly at its own remergence. Dong No one is bothered by ITN's comeback. Dong ITN tries to bring back News knight. Dong Punch and Judy back on screens after ITN fails yet again to reel in the share of the viewer vote.


Not that Nick Wood said...

I agree re the blasphemy law. It may not be enforced (which is on the whole a good thing) but is a reminder that although the UK is a secular society it is still a Christian (and Protestant) state. The head of state is the Monarch who is also head of the Church of England. Whilst I have no desire to change the secular, liberal and tolerant nature of our society keeping the law would surely send a signal to those who want to turn us into little Saudi Arabia. I may not be correct but technically surely the Koran denies the divinity of Christ and is therefore blasphemous in itself, at least in a Christian country?

Not that Nick Wood said...

Btw TTG, is law a new course or part of the existing course you're on. Either way good luck with the exams.