Saturday, January 12, 2008

One Wicket To Paradise

The Right Honourable Julian Brazier Saves Cricketer From Deportation

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Kent MP Bowls Justice For Alleyne

Despite that TTG is meant to be poring over her 500 odd paged, tea-stained, crumb-clad law textbook, she has some splendid news of the judicial kind.

Kent News revealed this week that the cricketer-turned-coach-turned-unemployed Barbaid, Hartley Alleyne, has been granted three years to stay in the country after facing a deportation order to his home country of Barbados.

This move, which cost him his job, would have meant that he would have to leave his sons, daughter and wife, after a pencil-pushing cock-up deemed the former high-flying fast bowler was not "qualified enough" to teach the sport.

TTG, who had investigated this insanity from the safety of her London home, would like to take the opportunity now to thank Julian Brazier, MP for Canterbury for his tremendous efforts in helping his constituent and not giving up without a fight.

It may be a reprieve for now, but with Julian to back Alleyne, a fifer in the form of eventual citizenship may soon be on the cards.

Congratulations Hartley! We have won the battle of nonsense and we will win the war of governmental incompetency.


Nick Wood said...

Well done to a constituency MP for actually caring about his constituents. Any more of this and parliament will actually have a function other than to rubber stamp EUSSR decisions and meddling increasingly in our lives. Nice to hear of an MP doing a proper job for a change.

Anonymous said...

Julian is a great man...