Saturday, December 01, 2007

Gov Catches Terrible Tory Blue-Handed

Handy: Terrible Tory tests out ID cards with great success
A trip to selective government and all Terrible Tory got was this lousy security pass.
Just one more reason why ID cards (Inadequate Documentation) are the new NI .
(Don't confuse with Monty Python's Ni, although that's the least of what Terrible Tory Girl plans to say.)
Still recycling the Numerate Ignorant card to a poor mock-up of a wallet sized passport, politically correct enough not to discriminate by skin shade, is firm government policy and will meet their rubbish targets.

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Bunny said...

At last count I have two NI numbers, an American security pass though I have no idea where that is, and a small collection of passes for various companies. Now I just need to find them all.

ID cards are a great idea. On those mornings when I wake up with no idea who I am, simple, just check my ID card.