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Spews On The News -November 3/4

Welcome to today's Spews On the News with Terrible Tory Girl, who joins the broadcast a little Meat obsessed.

1) Meat: Back From Hell - (Apologies for the terrible song puns)

Like a top singer, he comes crawling on back to view. Meat Loaf, who can count his decades of service to the world of rock n' roll on his hand, has starred in a who-dunnit mystery this week after he announced his retirement in-gig, thanked his fans and like a Bat Out Of Hell was gone, gone, gone.
His promoters quickly dismissed the outbursts saying an encore would still be on the cards for fans in next touring spot, Birmingham. With that cancelled, days later, the future wasn't what it used to be for the all-American chanteur.
But the Loaf did not take this lying down. Despite doctors diagnosing exhaustion and Laryngitis, the singer has refused to postpone the next leg of his tour.
Meatie is Alive and ready to Seize the Night at Wembley, November 6, and Terrible Tory Girl will be there to root him on, at last!

2) Alex Salmon And His Fishy Independence Tales
Terrible Tory Girl has the Sunday Express' David Parsley to thank for today's Scot story.
In a bid to educate us on West Lothian Question (funnily enough, Mr Salmon was born and breaded in West Lothian) where Scots have superiority in all things politics, Mr Parsley tells us,“Let’s back their independence so we needn’t subsidise them."
To make his case, Parsley has lent his green hands and wallet to the SNP, donating one pound a month to help First Salmon achieve his aims of slicing the Highlands apart from England.
Here is a peek at Salmon's reasons to swim out of the union: (Taken from
"The 300-year old Union is no longer fit for purpose. It was never designed for the 21st century world. It is well past its sell by date and is holding Scotland back. The SNP believe Scotland and England should be equal nations – friends and partners - both free to make our own choices. Scotland can be more successful."
Holding Scotland back? Well I never! Just a read of Parsley's piece shows how the Scots have more in public spending than the English, how Westminster hands over £11 billion to support the country and the 59 Celtic MPs in office have more powers than the rest of the 529 in the house.
Good luck to fishy Salmon, who is deluded in believing Scotland could possible survive if deported from the nation. But deluded further is Parsley ,who not only is fitting the bills for the Scots to have a better quality of life with his £12 a year, but too reckons that Salmon could make this work.
Gordon Broon and his frownies may not be fit to lead politics but they are surely not stupid enough to see Salmon's independence plans make it past the recycling bin stage.
Terrible Tory Girls urges the public to sit and think why the Scots so readily jump ship to England. It's not for England's greenery, that's for sure!
The one sphere where Parsley and Salmon do not see eye to eye.

Out & Devout - News titbits from Canterbury

1) Mrs T Attacked By Charity Shop Boss

Canterbury's Red Cross shop lived up to its name yesterday as Terrible Tory Girl hit the high street.
An ill-advised trip to the charity shop resulted in the discovery of former prime minister, Margaret Thatcher's memoirs, marked at £3 for the hefty volume.
Buying the book proved to be a challenge as Terrible Tory Girl was £1 short. The British Cross did not accept card payment as there is a policy of £5 minimum.
After several seconds of pleas to Terrible Tory Girl's sister, Terrible Tory Girl reentered the shop with £5 cash.
The shop assistant immediately started cashing up the till, telling Terrible Tory Girl had to wait to make the purchase.
Ten minutes later, Terrible Tory Girl paid for the book and left the shop, empty handed of apologies.
All that for a Margaret Thatcher book. Sigh, what would Mrs T say?

2) City Readers Accuse MP of Elitism

Canterbury MP, Julian Brazier, who has made headlines after lending his support to save cricketer Hartley Alleyne from deportation, was accused of 'elitism' by city readers.
Readers wrote to the Canterbury's free-sheet, the Adscene, suggesting that the MP has only helped the former cricket coach because of his connection at the city's prestigious public school, St. Edmund's.
Brazier, whose two sons attend the school, however, has put his neck on the line for many of the city's citizens regardless of race, creed or social background.
Brazier's decision to take on Alleyne's case is just one example since Alleyne is Bajan and had an international career for 30 years before he worked at the school.
Terrible Tory Girl too is further evidence as Brazier fought to help her brother in the face of police misconduct.
Readers, leave that MP alone!

That's all folks. Stay tuned for the next newsbite, live at your screen, when Terrible Tory Girl next gets around to writing up her day's rants.

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