Friday, November 02, 2007

Spews On The News -November 1

Welcome to Spews On The News With the Right Dishonourable Terrible Tory Girl.

This year's halloween's tricks in the political world

1) CopyClegg: Boycott ID Cards


Beg Clegg does just what his nickname entails, begs his voters, apathisers to join him on his crusade to boycott the ID card. This sounds strangely familiar. Familiar in a blonde bombshell way. Now where have I seen this before? Hmm good question. Only of course, in the Tory ranks in the blonde beauty attributes of Mr Johnson.

CopyClegg, not content with copying jargon, look and oratory style of Cam, is sniping their policies too. What would Ming say?
To recap and refresh, see the bidding mayor and his idea of boycotting the ID card scheme…

Leadership material? What a pyramid of piffle. To quote the immortal Johnson and Boris, "the chances of [him] being leader is like Elvis being found on the moon or [him] being reincarnated into an olive." (Boris meant him, not Clegg but you see the point)

2) Dear Cam – My Heart Felt Question to the Tory leader, proud to be the one pro- trendy Tory site to have the supreme Leader's approval, is set to have Cameron video blog log on the webpage.

Following their requests for reader questions, Terrible Tory Girl felt somewhat compelled to ask this of him:

Dear Cam,

I am a twenty odd Tory with TAD syndrome, Tory Affective Syndrome. Party faithful, I have delivered leaflets in the 'no man's (or woman's) lands' of my village, namely my council house neighbours and praised your name to high heaven in classes of ill-informed Marxists. With body and mind still in tact after two years in the left leaning capital, I ask what you plan to do to help support voters with TAD syndrome, a serious political disease which like moods, swing rapidly from one extreme to another. In my last transition, I found myself inspired by Broon and wearing a Che Guevara t-shirt. Please help!

Terrible Tory Girl

(Oh this wasn't MSN's 'Dear Pam'?, oh dear)

3) Piggy, Piggy Shall Not Be Moved

It's all lies, I tell you, all lies! Another gov scam to spoil the little fun us meaties endure after sinking our molars into juicy pig hind. Terrible Tory Girl's bringing in the bacon, trotters and all.

I propose a diet that consists of red meat and red meat alone - a more tasteful way to the route to death. Yummy. Oink.

4) For Christ’s sake, watch the Church!

You can take the pleb out of Christianity but you can't take the Christianity out of a pleb. Mess with the monarchy or our Lordy Bishops and feel my rage. PC PCs, you better watch it -God is omniscient, omnipotent, (not all smelling, that's just silly) and omni-there.

5) Blair 2: Go Now

We don't need another Blairo. Goodbye, farewell, aufwiedersehen, goodnight ot should we say Ate a vista/adeus?


Bunny said...

2. Accept and enjoy it, after all, you're currently a member of the wrong party. Join us in the New Party, we could use your persuasive and literary talents.

3. I believe there was a lovely theory that the oh-so-healthy veggies tend to die from stress, depression and misery. Grab a good pack of sausages and some appropriate casserole sauce, and enjoy.

4. While I'm with you on the monarchy, best not go into my opinions on religion.

5. He's still around? I've really got to start paying attention to these things.

Terrible Tory Girl said...

The wrong party? But if I switched allegiances, I'd have to change my blogger name and mine is awesome.
No comment on Nick PegLeggCopyClegg and his feline antics?
I am bound to add that pork is the meat of Gods. I'm glad people don't want it - the more for me :P
I was referring to Ian Blair :D

bunny said...

You can have a bit of pork from me any time you want.

And nope, I only comment on things I know I am right about, and I've not been paying enough attention to the news recently.

As to your name, just throw in an ex. Preferably before the tory rather than the girl though.