Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Wonder Of Poetry - Filia Diaboli

Vacant blue eyes clock to the autumn moon, from the Brimstone slab,

Treading in tip-toed jerks, shoelace stringents of pity pump the live shell with diluteless depression.

Her paper heart scrunches and unravels as gluttonous glands secrete acidic messages of adoration.

Flushed of affection, the patchwork of racial flesh, pieced together by binds of impaled intestine, stirs from slumber.

Immoral cells collate as crookedly His child despondently creaks from her nest.

Colubrine snakes feast and fester in the child’s skull, feeding on cascading fear.

Pewter lips part, gulping the air of apathy.

Rocking on precarious heels, she stumbles, leg shod to her master.

Cracking at the seams, hellish tears smoulder and perish the maverick mass into shards of left-over bone.

Femur masked foes pour in shadow-draped droves, flocking to the devilish Messiah.

In carmine palms clutch the skin of quartered Tartarians.

Clothed in human form, the devil’s daughter stalks the barren war ground, over head, lulling

human meek into ages of treachery.


Sanz said...

This is seriously disturbing!

Terrible Tory Girl said...

I'm glad you liked it! Hehe.

Phil Simms said...

Well you are quite the political terrorist. If you hone your obvious enthusiasm for the subject I can see a really good political hack in the making.

In your next post write a proper political column - I would be interested to read it. You say you have been at 'Tory Towers' did you get any interviews? That may be a good place to start.

I am well at the moment - doing a bit of freelance stuff while I seek out a permanent job. How is everything with you? x