Thursday, October 11, 2007

'I Wanna Break You In Two' - King Gordy's Singing Debut

Away from running the country and hoarding tax payer's cash, our Premier hero has a secret second life - singing in this year's big sensation musical hit, 'The Bungle Crook' featuring all your favourites - 'Straw Can't' ; 'Daa'(ling) and not forgetting 'Blearoo.'

To celebrate the release of the production to showcase for the next two years in Westminister, we reveal a sneak peak at the lyrics which made King Gordy an international star- ' I Wanna Break You In Two.' -

The Bungle Crook - 'I Wanna Break You In Two'

"Now I'm the king of the taxers, Cam

Oh, the gov’ment VIP

I've reached the top and faced the chop

And that's what botherin' me

I wanna be a man, CamHub

And stroll right out the pound

And be just like the Euro men

I'm tired of the media hounds


Aye, on PMQ

I wanna break you in two

I wanna make you black and blue,

Balk like you, too

You'll see it's true

A thug like me

Can learn to be Tory too

(Gee, cousin Tony

You did real good

Now here's your part of the deal cuz

Lap the secret on me of Cam's blue empire)"

Catch October 10th's Oscar nominated performance on the following link:

(Terrible Tory Girl thanks Uncle Bunny for help with last stanza and paint-distortion - thanks, my dear.)

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Uncle Bunny said...

Any time honeybumps.

Nice concept though, we need to find an animator.