Thursday, October 11, 2007

Stand Up, Pucker Up

Hello, boys, let’s get political.

I come to you from Tory towers, with a new kind of politics, guaranteed to get your heart racing involving these very lips.

As part of my personal policy plan, Stand Up, Pucker Up, I pledge to kiss any constituent who signs the week’s chosen petition.*

For a chance to get up close with your politician hopeful, sign

Over the coming weeks, I will be revealing more than just my pretty face but also what plans I have for you in the not so distant future.

Don’t get held down by detail, let me undress my policies to the bare minimum.

I desire to

· Strip away bureaucracy and red tape
· Take off taxes that hit hard the poor
· Shower good boys and girls with financial incentives
· Whip young adults and teens into shape with subsidised fitness courses

Drop me a line sometime,


Terrible Tory Girl


* Constituents must have groomed lips, unchapped and must carry paper proof that they signed the petition. One kiss per constituent. The kiss cannot be exchanged for a sexual act but can be constituted with a hug.

1 comment:

Uncle Bunny said...

So is this going to operate like a pyramid scheme? If we get other people do sign, do we start earning half-kisses?

I'm curious about the financial incentives as well.