Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Friends re-Unite-d: Brown to say 'I do' to civil union with Whelan

GORDON BROWN in civil union shocker with close pal, BA bloke Charlie Whelan.*

Gordon Brown plans to say 'I do' to ex confidante and crush Whelan after a star-crossed donor meeting brought them together.

The PM fell head over heels for Whelan over thirteen years ago but worried their love affair may surface, the two went their separate ways.

But fate brought the two together when Brown re-Unite-d with his first love Charlie, where their eyes met across the board room table at finance meetings . Whelan was thought to have splashed the cash for his politico lover, buying him jewellery and giving money to keep Brown and his friends happy.

Despite Brown denying his feelings just days ago as "deplorable", Brown can no longer hide his feelings for the Unite boss and plans to elope with Whelan in the next week or two.

One source said : "His heart has always been Whelan's, they have been close ever since they met 13 years ago. Brown has long admired unions, particuarly civil unions.

"The two have picked the perfect venue - his office. This is where they first met so it is very sentimental. They wagered deals and worked closely here so to say their 'I do's' there would be more than ideal."

But not everyone has taken the news well. His colleagues are worried by how close Brown is with the BA boss and his powerful influence.

However "love-sick and smitten" Brown is taking their new-found friendship in his stride.reo

See the exclusive pictures next week in the Daily Mirror

*Should probably point out that the above is strictly for the purpose of spoof rather than downright lies

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