Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Budge it, Darling. We'll take over from here

It's B-day. The day where Labour are gonna tell us it's all gonna be okay, that they're gonna get their magic wand and wave away our debt with spending sprees galore as they sweep away their responsibility and care under the carpet for a rainy day or for the next government to deal with.

Whatever Alistair says today, be it taxes on bankers (are you serious, Darling?) VAT, breathing, or selling off the country's china, you can guarantee that it will not be good enough to sort out our coffers crisis. Labour got us in this mess and they sure aint the ones to get us out. I'm afraid Darling it doesn't work like that.

So expect plenty of talk about how they are going to help the young ones - more university places, more jobs, expect plenty of piffle about how their prudence won the day or about their cash sweeteners for old dears. But while you listen to Darling as he announces Labour's big ideas to fix Britain's broken economy, as he shakes his fist proudly, arches his only-thing-in-the-black-in-Labour eyebrows, just think for a moment before you get swept up in their waves of self-deluded optimism.


Labour can do the talk but as you've seen, with our country flag in tatters, our soldiers dying unnecessarily as they're sent out to war without vital bullets or protection, crime and drugs rife on our streets, young people who can barely get a job, let alone their home, Labour can't walk the walk.

There's nothing Labour can do now to help Britain even if they suddenly pulled out prosperity out of a hat - they've lost the trust and respect of the public and now it's time they passed the baton of power onto their stronger rallying partner, the Conservatives.

They've come to the end of their course - now we need a change of play.

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