Tuesday, January 05, 2010

TV's Andy Pandy in leadership bid shocker

Andy Pandy has been linked to a leadership coup

BASKETCASE Andy Pandy has put his name in the ring to stand as the next Labour leader.

The marionette, who lives in a basket, is rumoured to resign from the toybox in a bid to oust Gordon.

Train wreck ... Gordon is furious

Gordon is said to be fuming after hearing his favourite political puppet has pulled strings with other toys to back him should he choose to stand, unaided.

The unpopular puppet, Andy Pandy, who is yet to reveal his power plans, was unavailable for comment but was seen "waving goodbye" to his toy cabinet colleagues.

However, sources close to the toybox claim that Gordon is furious that Andy Pandy, who he propped up for a plush job in Health, dares to plot against him and has pledged to fight to the death if "Andy Pandy comes out to play".

More on this story as it breaks later...

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Anonymous said...

I heard he was going to challange Ed Hallam for the CF Chairmanship!