Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Onward Conservative soldiers

Our foes have attacked our fearless leader in the press, in public and on Twitter for too long.

Let us get our overdue revenge ... by not retaliating to their wargames. We must get even.

Let us show the country just what Cameron is all about and just why Britain would be better run with him at our helm.

Here is your mission: go on and make your posters for our glorious stand against Labour and its hellish destruction.

Join this courageous crusade below:


John M Ward said...

Good one!

Mind you, some of the negative ones are quite amusing.

I shall try to think of one of my own, overnight…

John M Ward said...

Right, donw that now, with a link back here and to the poster design web page.

Reginald Fah Fah said...

I can only hope when I get to Cameron's age I will still be knocking back the blue pills and going at it like a prizewinning stallion.

He doesn't look a day over 30!