Tuesday, January 26, 2010

@Cameron, don't be a Twit

#getontwitterdave? Come off it! That's the last thing our beleaguered leader wants to do. Just because Labour are apparently winning the war on the cyber airwaves with their likely abusive and confrontational tweets, it does not mean we should follow suit and subject our pride and integrity through the dirty as the press seek to sully Cameron on his choice of words or socks.

Twitter? Who really cares? What a sad state of affairs that the incumbent incompetents in charge can only contest in a bitter exchange on Twitter than in the House or in their politics, or in their policies or in their constituencies. And the sole reason they are doing so darn well (apparently) is thanks to their Twitter Tsar, you know, the one who's on a six figure sum.
Well if you can get the work ... That cash could have been better used for schools, roads but instead it was used to push their propaganda on a site which is free! They'd be better off employng some Labourlist luvvie at £15k a year than an ageing Mr Stott.

We have a hard-pressed election on our hands on May 6 (thanks for that, Bob) - we have just four months to convince Britain that Cam's the man to fix our broken state and to change the mind of millions of voters. And Twitter is not the way to do it.

No one wants a swotty, proficient Twit who puts the @ into Great Britain as their PM - they want policies, promises that can be kept, a solution, a plan. Not a 140 character status update that Cameron is kicking about with some youths in Oxfordshire.

We want cyber substance not cyber style. The me-me-me attention-grabbing Twit shit won't wash with voters. You can't run a country behind a computer screen in a dingy flat yet for some absurd reason, hundreds of thousands (including silly old TTG) can't wait to sign up to tell the world about their inactivity. If you can update what you're doing, you're really not doing anything at all. Just look at Obama, away from the computer and offline, what does that leave? Yes we can ... update Twitter but not much else.

Do we really want updates in the future, should DC be PM come May, such as "just in a cabinet meeting - gosh, I'm bored with all this policy lark" ? Do you really want political breakthroughs to amount to a worthless sentence? "got our bill for british rights through the commons. yippee. tyl"

We don't have much time left to fight and Terrible Tory Girl doesn't want this vital campaign hours on the clock used to talk to online voters who probably will be too busy on Twitterdeck to go to the polls in any case.

Britain is ready for change. Let us prove to the public that ask for a better Britain, and they will receive it ... from The Conservatives.

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Man in a Shed said...

I suspect David Cameron can get away without being on twitter, but I would advise him to have a go.

The electorate is volatile and social networking sites - twitter, facebook, Mum's net etc will be a large influence on many voters - especially those who are in the swing voter demographic.

There is a great possibility for issues to snowball uncontrollably with social networking, and its hard to predict who will benefit.

However, Labour are overconfident on Twitter - just look at the hash tag battle during the party conferences, a clear Tory win. But have set up a large broadcast network to influence people and I wish we had something similar.