Sunday, August 02, 2009

Do the crime, do the time Gary!

The McKinnon case may be a sad one with the autistic alien anorak facing extradition to America - but let's face facts, he did the crime and he should do the time.

TTG may seem heartless and uncompassionate but for too long in this country we have let justice lax and gone soft in our sentencing.

Gary may not have killed another man or helped himself to billions out of a bank or company but at the end of the day, McKinnon broke the law.

In the same vein, TTG will still not be convinced that the Great Train Robber Ronnie Biggs should be freed just because he is nearing his deathbed. If we gave way to justice for ecvery excuse, mental condition, bad background, troubled childhood, who would be punished and would really be given the sentence they truly deserve?

Despite this, Gary, with his penchant for hacking into US security in search for UFO treasure, should stay ashore and face his punishment in his home country, the UK.

Why should a Brit be holed up in the States for a crime that took place in a bedroom in London?

We must get tough and unfortunately we will have to start on the pettier and smaller crimes if we want real security and a justice system that does what it says on the tuin, justice.

Crime is still crime whether it be stealing a penny sweet or murder in cold blood. Both must be addressed with the strong arm of the law.


In other news, Harriet has been Harman the Labour Party even further than one could ever dream. Selling the woman ticket, ole Harry reckons that women should always be in the top two jobs because men can't be trusted to run things by themselves. Hmm, because men haven't been able to run the world for centuries before women had the right/ambition to do so? Or before you came along?

Harry, are you just trying to secure your own place through protocol because you know you don't have the merit normally to deserve such a prestigious role?

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