Thursday, August 13, 2009

Alan just needs to be House trained

s**** stirrer Alan Duncan faces the sack after his recent irrational gaffes including talk of MPs living on rations, buying a grand bouquet of flowers with his expense pocket money, telling live his desire to hunt down a Miss America and performing terrible Tony Blair impersonations.

But while the Melton MP is stuck in a rut with his party deciding whether to keep or dump the budding politician at the pound, sacking is a naughty step too far.

All Alan needs is a bit of House training. Take Alan to one side and make him recite the Ministerial handbook word for word, in Latin, English and Greek. Sit him down and teach him etiquette and how to deal with the press and reporters biting at his heels.

Or stand him by Superdrug with a 'I Messed uP' sign and allow the public to vote on whether to pelt him with tomatoes or rotten eggs.

Other professions regularly cock up and carry on, getting on with the job. It's time we did the same with our MPs and not villify them and call for their head if they make a wrong move.

Punish them by all means, but don't strip us of our personnel. Quit quitting. We need a formidable force that can last through all weathers, not one that crumbles at s*** or weakens at the knees at t***.


Andromeda said...

to vote on whether he should stay in the Front Bench or not.

50/50 at the moment.

Anonymous said...

I will kick him in the nuts!

Marchamont Needham said...

At least we have an inkling how he really thinks. Can't say that for Dave can we.