Monday, June 22, 2009

What a Berc

Yes, for the first time in over 17 years we have a Speaker, speaking from our side but,
Bercow, he's no Tory!

Let's examine the facts, shall we.

1) He has voluntarily worked for Brown

2) His missus - he doesn't even have a political beard, she openly admits she supports Labour. And with the amount of influence a woman can have on a man, this one is a cert.

3) That rumour back in 2007 .... potential move across the floor to a certain party TTG doesn't like all that much.

4) He supports the Gunners ... what self-respecting Tory supports a team like that? ;)

Let's face it, Bercow wasn't our top Tory choice but a way for the snivelling Labour louts to play a fast one and immaturely put a stopper on real democracy. Child's play really and very pathetic to pick a man for the top spot to oversee Commons proceedings based on a policy of pissing off the Opposition.

Well done Labour, good work there!


North Northwester said...

It's a bit like the US primary system choosing the dozy John McCain for republican presidential candidate - another 'maverick', i.e., a not-very-conservative with no true conservative fire in his belly. The set him up to look pratt, and indeed he IS a Port-bound political tart.

Anonymous said...

I rather like John and by the way he did the autism thing for Brown mainly because he has an autistic child...

Terrible Tory Girl said...

Okay, okay I admit it. I was wrong. He isn't as bad as I thought he would be.

He evn gave Cammy a chance in PMQs today