Sunday, June 21, 2009

Songs of Praise is crucified by God for putting "evil" on the show

SONGS OF PRAISE has come under fire from God for including evil in its programme.

The church show was inundated with angry sermons from God after He heard that the leader of the most 'evil government' was set to star as part of their latest drive to pull in punters.

Protestors last night joined the heavenly host to demonstrate at Downing Street against the attempt to give evil a human face.

One angry bible basher said: "It's bad enough the Home Secretary let him in, let alone let him have his own show. This is political correctness gone mad."

Praise producers fear that this latest commandment from God may be the final nail in the show's coffin in what experts are calling the 'Gordon Brown effect.'

Ratings for the show have been at all time low and this latest blow is set to crucify any hope of a comeback.

God was unavailable for comment yesterday.

Is Songs of Praise right to give evil a voice?

Have your say below.

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Irene Montoya said...

I hope they all sort this out soon enough. Let's all pray for immediate resolution.