Monday, November 24, 2008

Robbing hood: Take from the rich, take from the poor later

Last week, TTG revealed that the Cabinet were actually undercover Borrowers and they have been more than happy to make the most of their status, flashing our cash and others.

Determined not to budge on the spending in their pre budget plans, you will never guess what they have up their sleeve? Yes, you're right, even more crazy ideas to erm, get us out of debt by spending more. And a whopping £231 billion more than planned at that.

But don't worry, so that we don't start picking on their air tight fiscality and point out namely its idiocy, they have fobbed us off with apparent cut in VAT.

VAT's right folk. For 13 months, we can enjoy 15 per cent rate as opposed to the usual 17.5 on goodies like cans and cars All good and well, but they're forgetting (or omitting) to tell us that the condition for such selfless lavery is that national insurance for ALL will go up.

The rich, having the poorer deal, will in 2011, have to cough up 45 per cent of their wages in tax as well as the half rate top-up fee for their national insurance.

But the poor haven't been left out either. For the duty on booze is set to rise to cover their kind and gracious VAT cutdown. And as you may well have read, there's not much use casting your eyes abroad for that sweet drop of booze, ciggy take or car gas. Cos in the spirit of unfair trade, Brits can't possibly get a cheaper quote or deal on their beer. No, that goes against Labour's economic protectionism.

They want YOU... to pay designer price tags, just so they can get by. Because ripping us off hasn't helped them enough already.

In a twist to the Robin Hood tale, Gordy and his men are taking from the rich, giving to the poor but taking from the poor later on. Robbing is their middle name, ruining neighbour hoods is their game.

Like a magician, they fool voters one by one, lulled by a false security that Labour know what they're doing - TTG must have missed that hypnotherapy session with Gordy.

C'mon, how can any sane being really be led to believe that borrowing and unravelling debt is the solution to world peace?

Well Ole Darling seemed to believe his own excrement.

So to spell it out for red Labour -


Don't be surprised if the terrible Chancellor two have to declare Britain bankrupt in the next three or four years because £300 odd billion doesn't come from thin air.

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Anonymous said...

We wont enjoy the lower rate on cans as food is already zero is rent/mortgage and even gas/electricity is is only at 5% VAT... newspapers and books and childrens clothes are zero rated... and alcohol and fuel are excluded. Which means we can enjoy a kebab at 15% not 17.5% one night this week if you are free?