Saturday, November 08, 2008

Political game for a laugh

Determined not to mention the F word* and start off a tirade of frustrated rant, TTG has turned to the internet to forget her world woes.

Glasgow based T-Entreprise, flash gamers who mock the week's news, have made this beauty of a game 'run Clarkson run' after the Top presenter put his controversial gear up a notch when he said lorrydrivers routinely murder prostitutes:

Check out TTG's faves below:

Puck Palin - Hockey mum Sarah shoots and scores as she smashes Obama's campaigns in this ho0ckey themed game.

Gordon Brown and the Raiders of the Lost Passports

Drive around Westminster, collect passports and try not to kill tax payers (or do if you like)

*Fife - Labour gets in again in Glenrothes - sigh.

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