Sunday, September 21, 2008

Police Notice: Fraud and imposter in Manchester


Police Notice: Fraud and imposter in Manchester

Gordon Brown has escaped from obscurity and is allegedly passing himself off as a popular leader in Britain.

The Scot patient, who has been diagnosed with power delusion, is said to be at large in Manchester. Suspicions were raised after clapping was heard in the Labour conference auditorum.

The search has so far returned nothing and we rely on your help in tracking down this dangerous man. Gordon has a glass eye and gawps like a goldfish. He usually skulks Downing Street but avoids public crowds.

Please call 0845 833 4022 or 020 7222 9000 if you see this man so that our team can put an end to his power trip for once and for all.

We must stop this man at all costs and your help is vital. Ring the helplines for advice and talk to one of our qualified supervisors who will talk you through the process of joining our campaign to end Gordon Brown's terror hold on Britain. Put this criminal out of Parliament by pledging just £2 a month.

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