Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Spews on the News May 6

Save the Whale

Talksport, the radio station that er talks sport, mostly, has its fair share of controcool figures, past and present, ranging from oh Hallow-aye, Gaunty and James Whale.

Although thanks to some three PC slimy Ken kindlers, the great Whale, a known right ringer, has been forced to quit his post on the grounds of impartiality.

And his charge? 'Vote Boris'. The Beeb, allegedly apolitical, is full to its biased brim of Labour luvvies who between each breath and word gush to the scowling scoundrels on the front bench. Why aren't those horrendously-payed hacks sacked under this same guiding principle?

Talksport bosses, you should be ashamed of yourself. Even radio stars have the right of freedom of expression and you knew what was in store when you picked him to host.

Save the Whale!

Visit here to leave your messages of support.

And here for that news story in full.

Turn Back Crime

Since the revelation that Bonkers-bonking mad crime buster Boris is desperate to try on the premier crown, TTG has a funny feeling she has seen it all before....

For Boris is:

American connections
One time social democrat
Aristocratic roots
Lion-heart courage

Surely it couldn't be.......Winston!

Cripes. But how? There are three well-thought out, equally insane explanations below.

1) Is Boris the result of Winston wanting to leave his mark on history?
2) Is Winston alive in Boris, like in that Disney flick, the Lion King?
3) Is Winston really alive but who bought a blonde floppy wig, went to the plastic surgeon and got a name swop? Or is his charming new looks down to the good ole men at the secret services who reconstructed him with the help of L'oreal's deep-set wrinkle serum? - Makes you look ten years younger apparently.

Post your thoughts, conspiracies below on their uncanny resemblance to one another.

Hillary sprints on to beat Barack's polls

Surprise, surprise, America to choose Hillary as democrat dirigeant after her position in the polls surged suddenly when they realised they may vote in, quel horreur, the unaccepted.

Hillary now boasts 51 per cent, a 7 per cent lead since two weeks before when Obama was flying high to electoral earnings, with a 12 point lead on his Clinton rivale.

Still, TTG, will pledge to support Obama, even if the Yankee Doodles play the safe card.

Read all about it here.

Build it up with bricks and more, ta

In a bid to beat the Canard* boffins who built a tower reaching 96 feet, Britons got their lego bricks and set to work to create a tower mast four feet higher, at (pronounced) Leegoland, Windsor.

TTG doesn't know about you but she's very surprised our fiends at the PC office haven't come knocking to put red tape around the mast since kiddies might swallow the bricks, stick them in their ears, or heaven forbid put them on an 100 ft high tower that could splat a child.

Although the tower does resemble more the tower of Pisa than a mast judging by this pic she stole off the BBC website.

News story here.


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