Saturday, April 12, 2008

Fight Club at the Commons

Doing the cyber milk rounds this week is the Tories ' blue tongue in cheek response to the bust up between Cabinet ex chums, small Balls and lost-his-Straw. Apparently ole Jack-in-the-money box did not appreciate a dose of public humiliation and threatened to punch the human slimeBall - a concept the public and TTG understand well particularly after his 'so what/so mean' Commons slur cover-up where the Kids minister threw his dummy out of his parliament pram and insisted on fiddling Hansard's records.

Since then, gally Bally has appeared on such swings like this one.

While the tabloids pounced with killer headline such as 'it’s Straw v Balls in ‘bust-up’ (Sun), 'Hard-hitting Balls?' (Guardian) and 'Balls. Any price' (TTG), the Tories took the story a little further by making an online game to perform banana stunts and lunges at Balls, or even his own pair.

Have a go on the punchball here.

TTG, while relishing the opportunity to punch the Labour lad square where the sun don't shine, feels it twas a shame that Straw did not draw the short one and do the public a favour by wiping that smarmy smile off his nauseating face.
As the Express said only yesterday, it would be a popular policy and one TTG would happily endorse, even if the thuggery is just representative comportement of those terrible tax leeches

What a Balls-up.

Only in a Labour Government, eh?

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Not that Nick Wood said...

At the risk of being a pedant, I think he changed his words to "so weak!". Either way he's a prat. Highly enjoyable game though, Jack never seems to lose - or more importantly, Balls always loses.