Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Spews On The News February 19-21

TTG apologies yet again for her absence in the blogo-politico-sphere and is keen to pinpoint the blame and reproach the dastardly faculties at university for this. TTG has unvoluntarily been busy trying to sex-up the wood pigeon, following her crush around the house and taking a good nightcap in the form of Lambs rum. That and poetry.

But she's back, for a short column inch only, to give you a little taste of the terrible news to hit the paperstands.

Faithfully Fidel

Fidel, the leader faithful of commie Cuba has taken early retirement after only 49 years in the job!
Considering that TTG has not even seen half of his primaship, with only twenty years of consciousness under her belt, she can't justify any comment so for you looney leftos, read George Galloway's biography or visit wikipedia. (It's likely to be more accurate than any newspaper coverage)

Ah Castro.

Northern Rock & Roll

If the Dilly-Dallygraph is to be believed, the nationalisation of Northern Rock, not only has pissed off Mr Branson Pickle but will piss off tax payers when they discover that we may have to fit a bill of a whopping £3,500 each. It's days like this when privitisation is the answer-rich men and women who can afford to throw money to inept organisations.

Bus Fuss With London Underground

TTG has proof that machine matters more than man and that you can get fined for paying your fare. TTG was more than just blue faced when she encountered a ticket inspector who said she hadn't paid her fine, when she had indeed squished through the unclean, drunk masses and placed her tatty oyster card on the reader. But unfortunately it hadn't worked.
Led off the bus like a toothy-grinned criminal, TTG pleaded her innocence but to no avail. (Note for next time - wear a shorter skirt) She handed over £20 of her cash to settle a fine not merited. It was that or face standing up in court, at vast expense, and face costs into the £1000 mark.
£20 will do nicely. Buy yourself something nice, London Transport with my money, won't ya?

What's Up Copycat?

All TTG wants to say on the matter of Clinton's sabotage campaign against Obama, is that even if he had nicked all his speeches from someone else, at least he has a brain, can pronounce his name soundly enough and can inspire the populace. More say, than Mrs Lint-on & Bushy.

Read more here.


Not that Nick Wood said...

TTG, surely no-one objects to giving money to Satan, even if it’s an unmerited fine. After all his congestion tax is fair and reasonable; affecting only those who’ve already paid for the sodding roads and the right to use them and his new proposal to tax expensive cars is in no way the politics of envy. Commie bastard (this is a slightly more polite word than the one I first used). Roll on King Boris.

Re Branson – tee hee.

Saw Galloway on C4 news last night. He’s remarkable if only in that he actually believes the shit he speaks.

How do you sex up a woodpigeon?

ChienFou said...

So, you're 3520 down the tubes less what you can get for the pigeon sex? Well, I reckon a dozen pigeons a day at a quid a piece with time off for good behaviour on Sundays and you'll be clear by Chistmas. ... or have I misunderstood you TTG?

Pigeon fetishists of the world! TTG needs you