Friday, December 28, 2007

Spews on the News - December 28-9

TTG returns with actual actualities.

The Death of Democracy's leading lady

TTG would like to firstly condemn this pure act of barbarity and secondly to ask of her readers to join her in prayer - may Ms Bhutto now rest in peace, a peace that God must give in gratious abundance.

TTG may not know her Sharia from her Sherif but Benazir Bhutto was a woman of stature, conviction and sheer courage and a woman we all should admire with the upmost respect.
Her death shall be mourned across the war ridden world land but let us not forget her message, the message of democracy for all.

Read more on msn news

Guard your Grammar Guardian

On the same note and story, TTG asks her readers to clasp their hands and prayer that the Guardian may learn the ways of grammar and orthography.

Here's their blooper in full discovered on the Guardian Unlimited website.

"Bhutto's body fown home for burial"

Funny fown didn't appear in the quality tat, sort it out Rusbridger mate. Especially when you're passing off news association articles.

Bartons Behaving Badly

Yet more snoregrams from the plebrity world. Mischa Barton (believed to have been) caught doped up at the wheel and footballer of the same name, a certain Joey Barton sentenced with actual bodily harm on a Liverpool punter. Using your famed name for the greater good of humanity, eh guys?

No shit Monarch

Reuters brings us news that could frankly be of more use in bodily functions. Apparently Princie William and his fair lady, Ms Middleton, are more attirant than his older, balder, father counterpart. Camilla didn not seem to do the trick to win the people's affection - TTG does wonder why this is so.....
Read on if you have a brain the size of a gnat.

NHS - National Health for Scotland

For crying out loud, what do the Welsh have to do to be entitled to national health care?

The Tories today, rightly, have turned to their shotguns, angry that the glad of Wales is set to receive a slither of a slice of health care funding for 2010-1.

The BBC helpfully, like their usual biased self, decided to compare the abolsute atrocity with the level of health care we have in England.

Sorry to burst your biased bubble dear BBC but England, if you may not have known, is nearer to three times the size of wee Wales.

For a fairer estimate of the absolute contempt the Kremlin has for Wales, why not look a little North and see how much the Scottish sponge sucks up in health?

The figure stands at £7.8 billion for the Scot NHS board alone. Just read firm paper favourite of TTG, the Daily Express, to learn of the scathing injustice on health across the so-called United Kingdom.

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