Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Spews On The News - November 13/14 -Apathetical Special

Spews On The News – November 13/14

Obsessive Self-Importance Disorder (OSID)

Please bidding and incumbent PMs, could you stop dropping those awful presidentialisms in your speeches! Does’ primes ab ores’ mean anything to you? Yes, I am talking to you Broon. You are the representative of the cabinet, first among equals. Or is there something you are not sharing, eh? Use ‘we’ rather than ‘I’ in speeches on foreign policy or the like.
It’s neither big nor clever to follow in the unprecarious footsteps of the Yanks.

Jon Taunts Muhammad Bari For Controversial Jew Jibes

Terrible Tory Girl is taking a brief pause from her apathetical set of views to salute Sun columnist Jon Gaunt.
The Terrible Tory is quite the fan of no-bars journalism particularly on the Muslim leader, Muhammad Bari, who, hours before Remembrance Day, audaciously claimed Muslims in this country are treated akin to the Jews in the Nazi years.
My boy, Bari, if you bothered to turn on the history channel and see the criminal carnage caused by Hitler’s own hands, you may just spot that the followers of Islam have not yet been gassed or persecuted by a vicious regime intent on wiping God’s chosen people off the map.
Verify your facts before you unleash such obscenities into the public eye of a country who has made you welcome. Be grateful for what you are given and may Allah purge such despicable quips from your mind in future.

Send In The Bears

Dom Joly, if you’re listening, I’d like to stand as a Miss Bushy Bear in the Teddy Bear Alliance. You are one of the few parties, us suffragettes, can take seriously with the joker packs with which we are faced.

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