Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Land Of Hope And Glory - A Modern Revision

Frustrated by yet another ambush on Cameron from all sides while the Government escapes any sort of rapprochement, a semi-attempt to send-off today's Britain, in the hymn, 'Land of Hope and Glory.'

Land of Scope and Story

(2007, - Francesca Preece - contributor- Andrew with editing help from Bupesh)

Banned of dope and Tory,
smothered by the sea,
How shall we save thee, little mongrel country?

Tighter still and tighter, shall Brown’s laws be set,
Brown sold us down the river, put us in great debt.

Lies and spin and controlling, each put on our men,
Haters of the state bullied and called Le Pen.

Throned without consent, throned to this poor state,
England is done for and no chance of tax rebate.

Land of Scope and Story, Russia’s lost deity,
In this pc run land, how can we praise thee?

Fed up and lonely, to the French plebs we comply,
Away from bureaucratic headaches, we gleefully deny.

Glad to be out of England, our OAPS sing,
Off to Sarkozy, away from Gordon the King.

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