Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Government's 1 penny sale

The Government's fantastic Budget-saving sale is back!

Come in store to take advantage of these offers this March. Here are some of best offers you'll find in the Government's 2011 sale:

Pay ... 4p extra on your pint

Get ... £205 saving on your income tax

Pay ... 50p more on your ciggies

Get ... Govt help to get on the housing ladder

Pay ... 4 % in inflation

Get ... £600 extra in your personal allowance

Pay ... 1 % more in National Insurance

Get ... 1p off your petrol (+ avoid 5p increase!)

Pay ... a lump sum to charity from your estate

Get ... 10 % off inheritance tax

Terms and conditions: Housing deposit scheme is subject to availability and is on a first come served basis. Personal allowance offer excludes pensioners. Petrol prices shown have increased this month after VAT. Customers may have to pay an extra 1 % service charge on all purchases. Fuel offers are only available at some outlets.


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