Monday, March 01, 2010

Britain is crying for change - give her the change she needs, please, public

Public, lend me your eyes. This is my off-the-cuff speech, with no notes, to tell you why you must vote Cameron and the Conservatives.


So, for some, it wasn't David Cameron's greatest hour. Despite telling it from the heart, standing tall and firm as he reeled off the change we can come to expect if a win is on the cards, apparently it wasn't good enough. What on earth did the press and non-Tories want? Balloons, a circus, Cameron making false promises and policies such as free ice cream and jelly for all if you vote for him? Let's face it, he said what we NEEDED to hear. Yes, it's going to be tough to get Britain working again, but it's a fight worth fighting for. This is a man who is prepared to have shit slung at him (and he already has for 5 years) in the pursuit to fix our broken Britain yet we are so adamant to reject his kind plea.

Cameron has the worst job in the UK - who'd want it? He faces opposite right, left and centre (and that's just his party) and the nation it seems just want to vote for an attack on anyone who dares to offer different or say different. But we need to grasp and hold on to the different desperately.

We have no other chance, no other alternative. If you are set on putting an end to unrestricted immigration, or want a better managed NHS, or want a community that cares - what ever one thing you want to see the back or return of, the only way to do so is the Conservative way.

I know many of you don't like Cameron. You comment on his salesman smirk, his days on the Eton playing field, his Conservatism - forget this when you walk into the polling booth,

You're not voting for David Cameron, you're not even voting for the Conservative party (you're missing out, they're a great bunch), you're voting for an end of Labour rule, you're voting for change.

You won't get change voting the Liberal Democrats, or UKIP or any of the smaller parties. Whether you like it or not, the only choice we have is with the Conservatives. The only result you will get with them is either 1) another five years of Labour 2) a hung parliament

So in all, a wasted vote. Everything will stay the same and you won't get the change you want.
We need to work together this year. Public, it is your duty to give your fellow citizens the change they need. We may not want to go to the dentist to get a tooth fixed but we do so anyway for the sake of our health. You may not want a Conservative government but for the sake of our country, this is what we need.

Bite the bullet and think of Britain when you vote. She is the sole thing that matters - not about who happens to be leading the Conservative party. Even to this day, Britain hasn't been enfranchised, she hasn't got a vote and she has no say. It is down to you to let her have her say.

On G-Day, there is only one box on the ballot paper and you must, for Britain, for St.George, for and your fellow citizens, cross it.

Vote change, vote the Conservatives.

Campaign for change in this facebook group.


Charlie said...

Change as in repeal the Hunting Ban to allow red-coated w*nkers on horses to tear animals to pieces with their mutts?

Anonymous said...

Stop nicking Obama's 'Change' plea. David Cameron is Tony Blair lite. Beware of wolves in sheep's clothing who speak with forked tongue.

Quiet_Man said...

When he offers me something I want such as a referendum in/out the EU, sorts out the West Lothian question without a Ken Clark fudge, abolishes the Barnett formula and gives me an English Parliament then he might get my vote.
As it is, he isn't though neither are Labour.

Sarah said...

Maybe you should persuade Dave to lay out some policies that I might want to vote for.

Anonymous said...

I'm Tory through and through but I just cannot warm to Cameron, and yesterday's speech was one of the most vaccuous I can recall. Where is the policy detail? Where is Europe, Immigration, Gymslip Mums. Not good enough I'm afraid.

Captain Ranty said...

If the man wants to "reconnect" I have a few policy ideas for him:

There was a time when I thought he was our salvation. Not now.

He has a short time to convince me, and millions like me, that he will put things right.

Otherwise I am voting for anyone that isn't LibLabCon.


Bill Quango MP said...

TTG has put it in similar words. Tory blimps and hairy liberals need to realise that the election is NOT a referendum on how faded the blue on the Tory party letterhead is, but a referendum on Brown's Britain.

Not happy that Dave isn't anti - eu enough? Not happy about him ring fencing Foreign aid? Then vote Brown and I'm sure he will address all your worries. Why I bet he's got a thick policy file on how to restrict immigration that he has been working on for 13 years and its nearly ready.
I'm convinced that he will stop foreign aid just as soon as this Chile earthquake business is over. You see we spent all our aid money on India and Haiti and mosquito nets. Just as soon as the budget is beefed up I'm sure he will turn his attention to the UK.

Terrible Tory girl is right. If you want a more right wing looking party then how does giving Brown yet another 5 years help you to achieve it?

When you are grumbling into your overtaxed pint as you stand in a special sealed box as smoking outdoors is suddenly an offence too, scratching the belly of your dog and vaguely remembering that you have forgotten to get your animal I.D card and implant done, and your own I.D card for that matter, then don't bleat.
you will have voted for Brown.
By voting for UKIP or the Greens or BNP you will have given this government, for the first time, a proper mandate to rule.

So if you want to be able to take your own children to school without passing a CRB check then THINK about exactly what you are doing.
The election is not an X Factor on how good an opposition leader is Cameron.
It is a genuine vote to end this government, and all that means for the UK, forever.

{TTG - sorry for the rant. I heave been a tad out of sorts with floaters recently as this post, very similar in vein to your , demonstrates. Worth a look if only for the picture of Gordon's <a href="
>A Future fairground for all</a>

Bill Quango MP said...

Buggered that link.
Its the interns job really. I still post emails by Royal Mail... Now then ..where's the little arrowy key...

Hope this links

williamsjk said...

TTG and Bill.

You both argue that letting Brown back in would be a disaster - but I cannot see how Cameron is any different. He supports leaving the smoking ban in place, won't give us choice on the EU (simply the choice would be enough), he centralises power within his party and runs roughshod over local ideas (will he really treat the nation any differently), he ignores the concerns of those who fund him (will he treat tax payers any differently), refuses to cut foreign aid or the NHS budget when this country is in a dire financial situation.

Every time he makes a promise, or offer, of something good he u-turns or softens it as soon as the BBC or the Guardian mutter anything negative (even a minor point).

Furthermore I believe in positive politics not negative and will therefore only EVER vote FOR a party and not AGAINST one. As such I cannot vote for the Tories, despite them being my natural party to support, as they are offering nothing to vote FOR, and only that they are not Gordon Brown.

Bill Quango MP said...

williamsjk : That is your choice. The none of the above. A lot of people like the idea and god knows what with MPs expenses,Lisbon, Climate change tariffs, Iraq, Peerages, coups, bans etc there is plenty of reason to opt out.

But do not think for a moment that 'none of the above' is anything other than a vote for 5 more years of Brown's special brand of dysfunctional socialism. You see, none of the above aren't actually standing. Your protest vote can not be heard.
If only 3 people in the entire country vote for Brown and only 2 vote for Dave, and everyone else throws their ballot papers into the sea, then the following day, Brown will still be PM.

Anonymous said...

Bill Quango

Very well put sir, but of course when they give their vote to UKIP or none of the above and Brown gets 5 more years to complete the job of destroying our once proud nation well that will be Cameron's fault too, althought they can all be super smug in the knowledge that they taught him a lesson.

Philipa said...

Nigel Farage made a very good point on the Daily POlitics - if the European president gets his way it won't matter a jot who wins our general election. It just won't matter.

Sarah said...

"Tory blimps and hairy liberals need to realise that the election is NOT a referendum on how faded the blue on the Tory party letterhead is, but a referendum on Brown's Britain."

Which given how useless Brown is should mean the Tories are a shoe-in except somehow they aren't because they don't seem to offer anything much to vote for. Maybe if they did you'd spend less time looking down your nose at folks and trying to scare them with 5 more years of Brown. I most definitely don't want 5 more years of Labour but it would be nice if the Tories could actually offer something to vote for so people could vote for them for a reason other than despising Gordo and Labour.

Matt said...

If you dont vote, then you dont complain when everything goes to pot

Thud said...

I'll hold my nose and vote for him...but with a heavy heart.

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