Sunday, February 21, 2010

We're here to make your bully disappear

Are you a victim of bullying in the workplace?

Have you had printers thrown at you or angry bosses cursing in their pants?

Or have you been pushed aside in a political struggle?

Are you worried your tormenter might sack you should you reveal this to the press?

If you have had a run-in with a bully in the workplace, please call our primetime free bullybuster helpline where we guarantee to get rid of your stress in as little as three months.*

Don't live in fear, we are here to make your working life free from stress and printer-yielding-trousers-around-their-ankles-banana-munching-maniacs.

*Or when he bothers to call that election


Anonymous said...

I shall be dealing with all this and more on my new politicasl blog - A Future Fair for all!!

Cazzy Jones said...

Hi TTG - does your helpline extend to Wooly Bullies?

John M Ward said...

Thinking back, I do believe that any cursing angry bosses I had were indeed in their pants at the time ;-)

Anyway, good luck in your quest!