Sunday, January 10, 2010

Britain's in the grit as Labour go to rations

Rational thinking obviously doesn't enter Labour's vocabulary as their latest policy decision is to ration salt.

While our country turns each day into a national ice rink, with Brits paying for a ticket to skate with their cars, Labour sit back probably de-icing their driveways and put a stop to councils trying to deliver salt for their constituents.

With reports reckoning the next nine nights will be sub-zero as our snow nightmare continues, they decide like the buffoons and loons they are, to pick a policy which defies common sense, logic and funnily enough health and safety.

Salt is bad for us, people, remember? The Department of Health always go on about it enough so obviously even when we need a bit of salt in our lives to protect ourselves from slipping and breaking something, they stick to their guns.

Even shop keepers who dare to grab a shovel or grit to clear the roads the Govment refuse to do, risk getting sued.

The proof is in the pudding: The heat is on and Labour can't rise to the occasion.

Britain's in the grit with Labour en force - there's a credible choice this May and that's to vote Conservative.


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I live in Britain and I think we must do something.

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Well Britains is like england doing same job.

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