Monday, November 23, 2009

Party before polls!

Dulce et decorum est pro patria Mori.

Now you wouldn't see Ipsos MORI polls in Wilfred Owen's famous line and you won't see it in our party line!

Apparently if these mori moron pollers are to be believed, who keep up with the times by manning phones as opposed to tweeting twits and emailing like everyone else sane, there will be a hung parliament come May.

Sorry to burst your little bubble of nonsense, but us Conservatives and the public will see that this sorry little affair won't happen to Britain.

How on earth can they envisage an increase in the Labour vote? What have Labour done to get public backing or support?

Oh yes, they've sent our troops to slaughter, they've signed us up to Europe, stuck us in a surveillance state where cameras are used to spy on US rather than to protect us ...

Yeah, so much to vote for, eh?

According to the survey, a third reckon Brown's doing a fantastic job. A THIRD! Where are they getting this information? The public sector? Of all the people TTG talks to, she knows about two people who rate our incumbent. Not really a third now is it unless TTG knows only six people.

Don't let polls spoil our party. We know where the tide is turning, we know what the public want and we shall deliver.

So put this rubbish in the bin and let us get on with the job of fighting for Britain and getting rid of the trash talk we've had to endure for 12 long years for good.

Party before polls is TTG's slogan.


John M Ward said...

Politics Home issuggesting that many of its Insider Panel believe there will be more single-digit Conservative leads in future polls.

In fact it is Ipsos MORI's weighting methods that tend to produce wildly varying results. On this occasion, the fieldwork was done at the same time at that for ICM's poll for The Guardian — and that showed a (more typical) 13% leade.

I have commented at the PHI page on this and other aspects. It is aat times like this that is so useful to have my own graph of ALL pollsters' topline results for the year…

Anonymous said...

I also dont know anyone who likes Mr Brown... not a may be the love that dare not speak its name..?

UberGrumpy said...

Phew! I thought I didn't like 'em. Go, girl, go!

I took your political spectrum quiz; turns out I'm a rotarian maoist. Go figure