Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Police headscarf offensive is offensive

AVON police have been caught covering up vital, er, personnel on the beat. Policewomen have been given headscarves, along with their cuffs and guns, as essential beatwear while tackling crime.

The brainchild of Avon and Somerset police, the covering up of cops helps cops fit in with their Muslim communities apparently.

Yeah, 'cause Muslim women walk around with a POLICE logo emblazoned on their foreheads and carry guns while out on the streets.

For all their 'religious respect mumbo jumbo, the police in Avon have completely gone off the mark on this one. Firstly the headscarf is less so a religious item but a cultural garment. So the wearing of a headscarf for the purpose of fitting in with citizens and respecting their God-fearing ways is pretty absurd 'cause do most Britons cover at the sight of the Lord...?

Secondly, the Hijab, is for the purpose of modesty. To cover the hair and to detract attention. How on earth does a police woman not stand out a mile or avoid attention? She's a law enforcer for crying out loud!

In a sense, by wearing the headscarf in a country like ours where Islam is not the religion du jour, is actually far more disrespectful than not. The police can't even deal with crime properly, how can they hope to get the community on side with this stupid stunt?

This may come to a shock, dear police so do take a seat and a sip of water, but not all Muslim women wear the headscarf!

The £13 hair curtain policy, suitable for use for all religions, should be hung up for good.

Try doing your job, instead of resorting to the ridiculous. And maybe try reading the Qur'an.

What next, trackies, gold hoop earrings and a can of Stella for work on the estates?


Anonymous said...

As a French, I would like to express my sincere condolences for the disappearance of british culture and way of life. Happy dhimmitude.
To the Muslims and futur neighbours, I would like to express my (sincere?) respect. Fuck off and get out of Europe.

Anonymous said...

Why isn't wearing the female uniform hat sufficient?