Saturday, July 11, 2009

Brown's missus makes a veal out of it

Turns out the G8 was not so gr8 for poor 'First Lady' Three Dresses Sarah Brown, who bemoaned on her Shitter account of the veal meal on offer while at the summit.

Woe is she! Baby cow meat may not appeal to Broon's bit of stuff but to refuse to eat the food put out before you by your Italian hosts is first, disrespectful and unlikely to put your husband in a glowing light. But to secondly broadcast your veal refusal boast and to share it with your 700 odd (odd indeed) fans, is impolite indeed.

Where are your table manners, you snooty middle class cow! And at an event where you are discussing of all things, foreign aid in poorer countries. Sarah, just in case you weren't listening at your summit (with all that blogging), there are nearly a billion malnourished people ... TTG is sure that the veal you refused three times could have been put to good use. Or at least fed some of the poor in this world, who unlike you, don't have a choice on what they can eat or on what slaughter method was used. If they don't eat, they die.

Think in future!

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