Friday, June 05, 2009

Stamp out that Brown stain on our politics

Got a stain that just won't budge and want to get it out fast? Forget swamping it with extreme clean-up formulas. This new method will get rid of tough stains fast without any need of expensive and time-consuming election formulas.

Over time, continued use of propaganda substances can make the stain resistant and may end up with a weak effect.

But never fear, you can get rid of this stubborn stain by following these four easy steps:

1) Do nothing. Avoid inclusion of free radicals or persistent radicals as while they can kill bacteria, they can lead to permanent damage to the whole chamber.

2) Let the dirty laundry air. Gradually, the stain will break down and disintegrate before your very own eyes.

3) Expose the offending stain to the light and gently apply a touch of democracy. Don't rub it in, but instead put the stained item in hot water and leave it to soak.

4) Place all similar stubborn stains together in the same room. The contact with tougher stains will cause the process of attrition which will weather the stain down into a smaller and manageable size.

If the stain still stays, even after steps one to four, throw the stained item out of the house.

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