Sunday, June 28, 2009

Face it Hitchens, It's a dog Eton dog world

Toff at the top ... Peter Hitchen's "Etonian nobodies"

Another day, another attack on the educated and Eton.

A school of pundits, members of the house and the public regularly take great joy in dissecting diligent men based solely on their educational establishment.

But why such Eton envy? Why TTG asks, is Eton so terrible?

Mail moaner Peter Hitchens wrote yesterday in his column for the midmarket just why David "daily-drone-leaving-the-cabinet-under-a-cloud-at-your-expense'" Davis should leave a party Hitchens believes is full of "Etonian nobodies". But why is a school which prides itself from producing the greats in Britain such as Hugh Laurie, George Orwell, David Cameron(!), come under such criticism?

Because it doesn't fail its student clientele! It doesn't leave its pupils unable to string a sentence together and it sure doesn't leave them without their 3Rs in tow. So why is it so demonised? We should be celebrating success, honour this independent school which has done what state education hasn't, and that is to teach, to nurture talent and to produce results and good ones at that!

Cameron has been scrutinised for his so called privileged and background of grandure as has Sir George Young (TTG's favourite for the Speaker job). Does money and a good school equal privileged then? Because for TTG and for many others, to have been born into a loving family is the highest privilege. Money can't buy you happiness and a good school surely can't either.

C'mon, which child appreciates schools? They'd rather be playing on their consoles or reading comics. They'd also far prefer the 4 grand cheque for each term cashed in to their accounts as pocket money than plugged into the pool for school.

Has anyone ever been to a boarding school and lived to tell the tale with a big grin on their face? TTG went once for 4 days in a boarding schools for Paris' girls and that was long enough. Kids, who are usually thrown into Eton-style education, are the ones whose parents have no time for them and put them in their for a lifestyle choice or because they have to work from dawn to dusk to pay the fees in the name of education. The children have no choice in this matter.

With that upbringing in mind, could you genuinely consider that life one of privilege?

Life is what you make of it. Cameron's analogy of building a house comes in handy here - first you put down your foundations and you build your life brick by brick. If you fancy a mansion, then you allocate space/time/effort for that etc.

To judge another based on their apparent richness is a mark of failure. Peter's Eton envy is the reaction of a jealous and puerile man who has failed to shape his life in the way he had hoped.

Remember what our Lord taught us, thou shalt not covet, St Peter.

There is no place for his derogative "Etonian" comments in society. The Etonians he seeks to belittle, deserve their success. Each has worked for his place and position.

TTG can only see one real benefit of Eton and similar schools - they provide the tools and traits to survive in a dog eat dog world. But at the end of the day, they're no better than a poorly run state school. When you're in the exam room, turning over your paper, you're the one writing. You were the one who revised and wished to excel. If you put your pen down and sit, stare blankly, neither of the schools can force you to start writing or to carve a career out for yourself.

Our shadow cabinet may not be full of glossy celebs or media personalities as you so wish but they are not nobodies, they are somebodies who have our country's best interests at heart and just want to get on with the job. They have the gravitas, the substance and the skills necessary.

Our party has always been an inclusive one where men and women from all walks of life have found themselves in a position of power, irrespective if they read Latin at a boarding school or if they came from a crumbling council estate. It's not what you're given in life that matters, it's what you do with your lot. The end not the means, Peter. The sooner you learn that, the sooner Terrible Tory Girl may take your opinions seriously.

And no, TTG didn't go to Eton ;-)


Anonymous said...

nice post TTG, expecially the last paragraph about our party always having been inclusive.

Matt said...

he's a former trotter and labour party member which explains things possibly

Anonymous said...

I think Hitchens went to some other private school - he certainly aint a grammar school/public sector lad - hes just a fat fake really!

Anonymous said...

And what about his bilderburg connections?