Monday, December 08, 2008

Political obituary - Phil Woolas loses immigration fight

Phil Woolas, has lost his political fight. Woolas, who was told he had years to come of prosperous political life, was found slumped in the Commons just moments after he told his people that the EU floodgates would open "over my dead body"

In his political prime, Phil's last two months as Immigration Minister changed the face of the UK.

Phil, who diligently gaffed on television, spent his last hours of his political life revealing his blueprint to give every migrant the chance to get a passport and recalling fondly of his son's school with its 20 languages.

Phil will not be sorely missed by his colleagues, comrades and Conservatives.

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SokeBoy said...

WoolleyArse is a tosser of the highest order.

Tbh, I'm surprised he's not in the cabinet, such is his supreme tosserishness