Monday, December 31, 2007

Just a terrible observation on....Bhutto's son

Bhutto: Take Two

Just a terrible observation but surely the appointment of Bilawal Bhutto as joint leader to the democratic cause is not going to go down well with the few fundamentalist lunatics prepared to kill to stop this privilege.

Bhutto junior, to make matters worse, has made a life for himself in infidel central -the UK, the place that terrorists and suicide bombers do not rank highly on their top mondial cities.

The last thing that the pyschos want is democracy from what they may perceive as from Britain. Remember Iraq and the attempt to bring British democracy then? Was that gift received well?

He may indeed hold the key to unlocking injustice to open up equality for all in the warland but is it fair to put Benazir's son, barely yet a man, in the firing line for this sweet and timely cause?

How many Bhuttos must perish for peace?

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Nick said...

It may be unfair to put Benazir's son in the position of leading his mother’s party, at least to him, but it does have the (arguably slight) merit of showing a determination to take over where his mother left off. Whether he truly feels such determination only time will tell. The sad fact for Bilawal is that the Bhutto name has a resonance in Pakistan and the world and any other person taking over the leadership of the PPP would lack the instant recognition that the name provides. Given that the elections are likely to go ahead appointing Bilawal as leader not only maintains the visibility of the Bhutto name and the ideals associated with it, but also must surely tap into a considerable sympathy vote.

By murdering the mother, the extremists may well have guaranteed the election victory of the son.

Anonymous said...

The Gandhis got away with it. Apart from the ones that got shot, I mean

Zara said...

Up until recently, he was Bilawal Zardari - carrying only his father's name. Now he is Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, which, I'm sure, will do wonders for the party.

Zardari is bad news - a corrupt, illiterate man born into feudalism - like most politicians in the country. And now he can easily channel his power and influence through his son, using Bhutto's name.

Benazir was no angel, but she certainly did have something potentially good to offer in Pakistan. The news of her assassination is deeply upsetting. But the response that many of her supporters have had - of causing chaos throughout the country - is embarrassing and barbaric, and unfortunately depicts the current situation in Pakistan perfectly.

So before we start to advocate democracy for Pakistan, let's also consider that around 50% of Pakistan's population is illiterate and uneducated to basic standards. The percentage of Islamic fundamentalists is rapidly rising (particularly in the north west). The political system is still clenched firmly within the fists of feudalism. How then can we expect democracy to prevail in Pakistan? Can we trust these people?

Personally I think the country needs a minority of educated elites to take charge of the country (even if it means by force/dictatorship) to establish a government that looks towards practical approaches to first improving the economy, which in turn will help to improve education by introducing new jobs and prospects in the various industries. Once education has been improved, we can then implement a system of real democracy, and allow the educated and informed masses of the public to vote for a leader as they see fit.

The fundos of the north aren't just going to sit obediently and watch democracy prevail. There needs to be a strong force, like the military, that'll keep them shut up.

Pakistan's not like Britain. You can't just fling democracy at her and watch her prosper.

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