Thursday, October 04, 2007

Little Blue Riding Hood

Once upon a time there was a dear young man named David, who loved the colour blue more than anything else. His clothes were blue, his views were blue and his heart was blue. The colour blue suited David so well that he became known as Little Blue Riding Hood.
One day, after ten years of high rates of income, inheritance and council tax, increasing state control and illegal warfare, Little Blue heard that the public were unhappy and so decided to cook up a home-made policy plan embracing the colour green as well as blue to try to cheer up the public.
But the Central Office did not like the colour green. Green, they said, would not relieve the public of their political blues.
With Brown Wolf already scooping up their smiles and cheers from the public, the Central Office did not think that Little Blue could make a difference.
Little Blue was sad but not defeated. He picked up his secret policy notes that he had hidden from the Brown wolf in fear that he may gobble them up for himself and set out for Blackpool.
As Little Blue entered the political jungle, he saw Brown Wolf but was not afraid. Little Blue said to Brown wolf. "So, Brown, what's it going to be? Why don't you go ahead and call that election? Let the people pass judgment on ten years of broken promises."
The Brown wolf smiled crookedly and produced from his pocket the favourable press coverage and the month’s political polls, with Brown Wolf higher in popularity.
Little Blue did not stir at the figures and replied, “If you treat [the public] like fools you don't deserve to run the country let alone win an election. We will win.”
At this, Little Blue continued on the right path, leading to Blackpool.
The Brown Wolf, however, keen to stay popular, speeded to the house of the public.
Rubbing his gruff claws in glee, he thought of a dastardly plan: to call back 1000 loved-ones from Basra which would stop the public listening to Little Blue’s idea of giving them more power.
As Little Blue thought up policies such as strengthening borders, putting more police on the beat, bringing back blazers and offering elite education, Brown Wolf had sneakily enticed the public through deception because he knew that an order to bring back Basra troops by Christmas would make the public forget all about Little Blue and forget about their desire for a referendum…

To Be Continued…

Will the public be saved from Brown Wolf? Will Little Blue rescue them from another ten years of spin, lies, taxes and control?

Find out in the next instalment of Little Blue Riding Hood.


Uncle Bunny said...

I'd love to say the public'll see through it, but years of experience suggests otherwise.

Sanz said...

you get more and more creative and never fail to amaze me. Fantastic!