Sunday, September 30, 2007

Who Framed Policy-Dodger Rabbit?

The latest political buster to hit the newsstands:

The Mace Company (Conservative Party) has crumbled in the public company polls with both left and right fingers pointing at leader Policy-Dodger rabbit (Cameron) as the culprit for the organisation’s demise.

Policy-Dodger Rabbit, who has hired the likes of Goldsmith to push through controversial climate-celebrity-friendly policies into the ranks of the company, faces further cracks in his credibility, stabs in the back from his collaborator colleagues and worse, suspension in favour of wee Willie.

Policy-Dodger rabbit, who according to the Telegraph has pulled too many bunnies out of the hat, is due to be sentenced for his crimes of knocking the company to kingdom come with his unpopular green toffee-apple nosed views – Views that are not taken too kindly by the knife wielders and rifle-rad grassroots of the company.

“Sinister, power-hungry” Judge Broon has reportedly raised his prudent iron fist in exultation at the news.

Meanwhile, the Loon Patrol – underlings of the judge and weasel deserters - under close watch of Judge Broon, have been busy putting section two of a ‘one-company state’ into practice.

Section two, which sees the return of spin and style set office politics including the allegiance of all media platforms to the judge, has been happily accepted by both the Worcester women and the Joe Bloggs’ of the town.

A General Meeting in October may now be in Judge Broon’s card hand.

As Policy-Dodger rabbit picks up the pieces of his once high-flying career, model wife, Samantha Rabbit , has turned her attention to the platinum attributes of one Gwen Stefani.

It is believed by the residents of Broon Town that Policy-Dodger Rabbit allowed the company to sink after discovering Samantha’s new love.

We want to hear your views.

Who framed Policy-Dodger rabbit? Submit your conspiracy theories and liable statements here.

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Uncle Bunny said...

The Tories have got so used to weak, inneffective leaders, and stabbing them in the back whenever they disgagree with something rather than trying to start an actual debate with it, that they seem not to know anything else these days. Even when a good, charismatic leader comes along they can't get out of that back-stabbing habit.