Thursday, December 06, 2007

Joseph Immigration Shocker! BBC exclusive

A mere day after Mark Pritchard complains of Christianophobia and there comes the announcement of the fee-funded futile attempts of the BBC (Blatantly Biased on Christianity) to take the utter Christ.

In the run-up of Christmas, BBC plan to sacrifice the nativity story and instead play the appeasement card, turning Joseph into a clandestine migrant and Mary as a blonde ex Brookie, ex-Nuts underwear star.

Yes, Terrible Tory Girl has heard of Elvis making a Christmas appearance from the grave but surely the wisemen at the BBC are taking the dumbing down the xmas story a tad too far in the gutter.

May the TTG point out to Auntie Beeb, Uncle Commons and their no-fun nannies that the UK, as they may not know, is predominately Christian.

TTG does understand entirely that this is a complex concept for the close-knit family to grasp but it does mean that the fat cat controllers at the beeb will face demands for their heads to be on a platter or two when news reaches the protestant proletariat.

Forget the Sudanese, chafed Christians are not a religious force to be reckoned with

Here's that story in full, taken from

"Former Brookside babe Jennifer Ellison is to star in a new BBC adaptation of the Nativity story.
The new show will be broadcast live on BBC Three on December 16th and will see Ellison playing the part of a pregnant Mary who is fighting to stop her asylum-seeker boyfriend Joseph from being deported.
Just like the BBC’s controversial take on the Easter story, ‘The Liverpool Nativity’ will also see the broadcasters team up with the north-west city as the cast wander through the streets to a soundtrack provided featuring local acts including The Zutons and The Beatles.
Commenting on the show, the channel’s controller Danny Cohen said: “This is going to be a fantastic collaboration between the BBC and the city of Liverpool. I’m delighted with the cast in place, and can’t wait to see ‘The Liverpool Nativity’ on BBC3.”


Anonymous said...

the UK, as they may not know, is predominately Christian.

Since when? Maybe the TV fellas are ditching the nativity because the vast majority of us have no interest in watching it. Stories about Santa are cool, but stories about Jesus are naff

Anonymous said...

Stories about Santa may be cool, but no Christ, no Christmas (or St Nicholas either). "Updating" the nativity play is little different to the Hollywoodisation of history. That said it's on BBC 3 so only two people which watch it, neither of which will be me.

Francesca Preece said...

Ordovicius, I'm afraid I can't speak for Wales :P

I understand that most of the nation's viewers are either ridiculously atheist or easily distracted by sexed-up shows but the country, by establishment is one still linked with the Church.

The fact that I have to pay to watch some tripe, tripe mocking many people's faith, is not amusing.

Glad Nick's on board to boycott That 00's sordid show.

Anonymous said...

the country, by establishment is one still linked with the Church.

Not in Wales. The Church was disestablished here in 1920.

Francesca Preece said...

Sorry old habits. When I mean country, I obviously mean England :P

I'm surprised Wales didn't cut off much earlier from the Church.

Out of interest, what do the Welsh believe in? Daffodils and dragons? :D

Anonymous said...

Out of interest, what do the Welsh believe in?

Rugby, beer and sex. Preferably in that order.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for writing this.