Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Spews On The News - January 10-11

Terrible Tory Girl returns to her rants after two days at the mercy of pain, SHOCKing musicals and the textbook from hell, Media Law, as her only sworn companion.

Jiminy Cricket: Three Strikes and You're Devout

Another example of utter complete idiotic nonsense. Why on earth should the ref be forced to stand down for a match because the Indian team won't face facts that perhaps one of their players did happen to blurt out monkey taunts to an Aussie player.

Another example of victims punished and whistleblowers found with the whistle firmly wrenched down throat.

Zoo, Where's My Blog?

Zoo mag, known for their exquisite sports coverage and er...life art, have joined the bandwagon and created user blogs.
Now in a game harder than Where's Wally, try find a word to justify the display of crotchless knicker clad women as a blog.
Wait, there's a word...oh no that was just a crease in the near-nue girl's skin.
Here's one of their popular blogs. http://www.zootoday.com/janinex/myPhotos

Watch it readers, you might just be overcome by the pure intellect.

Church: Money is in our prayers

Perhaps TTG is missing a brain cell here and there but her Sunday school days, suspiciously tell her that money is the root of all evil. Does anyone therefore find any flaw in the Church's plan to not just help drunkards but prayers for those who can't keep their plastic inside their trousers.TTG really does not see the effectiveness of those prayers to Lord Almighty. It is clear that those who get themselves to the hilt in credit card bills must love money more than Him.
Hardly a reason for God to want to help these redheads.

Gov: Kids Choosing Easy Subjects to Get Their C

Well this news gives TTG some hope that Brit Kids aren't as stupid as she once thought. If these kids can choose subjects that require little work or little brain activity but still get a host of top marks, they must be simply genius.
We don't give these kids enough credit, that's for sure.
While TTG, insanely and idiotically, picked subjects like French, Latin, History and Religious Studies for A-Level with GCSES on similar tangent, other kiddies are catching on quickly that taking media studies/critical thinking is a fast route to success without putting the work in.

The gov achieved what it wanted - students taking their dumbed down subject bait to make the gov look good on their 2005 election promise, education, education, education.

Well they acheived their aim: Kids have been fully educated in how to become workshy.

Labour: Producing results everytime.

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Nick said...

"try find a word to justify the display of crotchless knicker clad women as a blog."

Erog may be the word for which you're seeking.